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#204  Hampton Metal & Glass Tart Warmer

This metal and glass urban styled Illumination warmer will be a sophisticated addition to your décor. Add wax melts to the warming dish to release your favorite fragrance. Includes a warming bulb.


Our tin electric Tart Warmers are an excellent alternative to burning candles.  Simply place a scented tart in the top and in a few minutes the light bulb inside will begin to melt it, releasing a wonderful scent into the air while at the same time creating a beautiful soft accent light.


Product size: 8.8" H x 5.8" W. Lightbulb is included.


Requires an NP5/HALOGEN BULB 120V-25W bulb for replacement.


Our Price:  $21.99  

Units:       ea

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5-7 Business Days

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1 Available

NP5/HALOGEN BULB 120V-25W Replacement Bulb
 NP5/HALOGEN BULB 120V-25W Replacement Bulb ...Add $4.99


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