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#258  Serenity Pluggable Warmer

Simply plug these beautiful warmers into the wall, add your scented tart, sit back and enjoy the wonderful nightlight they provide while melting your tart and providing a wonderful aroma!  These Pluggable Warmers are great for places where you don't have alot of counter space to sit a regular tart warmer...such as a bathroom or kitchen.  Several different designs are available for your choosing.

A rotating base allows it to fit a vertical or horizontal outlet. Includes a warming bulb.

The entire piece glows when lit!

15 Watt Wall Warmer Replacement Bulb is also available in the box below.



Our Price:  $12.99  

Units:       ea
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15 Watt Wall Warmer Replacement Bulb
 15 Watt Wall Warmer Replacement Bulb ...Add $1.50


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